New Years Resolution

80% of new year’s resolutions fail.

Those quiet days after Christmas are when many of us start reflecting on our year and planning our new years resolutions. But even with the best of intentions, around 80% of our resolutions fail. Why is that?

In order for any new plan to work, we need 3 main ingredients. When a resolution doesn’t stick, it’s often because one or more of these ingredients are missing, so it’s important to know what they are and why they may have been holding you back.

How To Make Your New Year’s Resolution Work


If you’re motivated enough to do something, you’ll find a way to do it. Motivation is the fuel that drives your action regardless of what gets in the way. Without the right kind of motivation, it’s pretty unlikely you’re going to reach your goal.

It may be that your level of motivation has changed over the past year. For example, if in the past you’ve wanted to lose weight in order to look better, that may not have been enough of a reason to carry you through all the effort. But if you’re now starting to develop health problems related to carrying extra weight, your motivation level may have increased considerably. The thought of your health deteriorating further and impacting on quality of life may have moved it way up the lift of priorities. Check that you want your changes to please yourself rather than other people.


You need to be confident that you can make the changes, and to feel that you deserve all the good things that will come from them. It’s really common for people to block their own progress subconsciously by feeling that they either can’t achieve their goal or don’t deserve to for whatever reason. There are lots of ways to work on this yourself, but it can take a while to reprogram your thinking especially if these patterns are very long standing.


This sounds obvious but it’s surprising how often people expect to see big results without big action. The more drastic the change you’re looking for, the more drastic the action needs to be, and sometimes when we look back we realise that expectation and action haven’t matched. Big goals still need to be realistic and then broken down into smaller, more manageable steps. Praise and reward yourself constantly as you achieve each step.

And make your steps enjoyable! Whilst joining the gym and going five times a week might help you to reach your goal, if you hate the gym you won’t stick with it for long. Find ways to reach your goal that excite and motivate you.

Do you need help with your new year’s resolution?

As easy as this sounds, it can actually be very difficult to change old habits in favour of new ones. Book a free call now to find out how I can help you make great steps forward, and take your health to new levels.

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