arthritis case study

Image courtesy of Juno Jo on Unsplash

Nicola came to see me a while back. She was in her early 60’s and the rheumatoid arthritis in her hands had been slowly getting worse. During her first appointment, we talked about how it started, very soon after her dad died. She’d started a portrait of him, and really wanted to finish her painting but the pain was so bad she couldn’t hold the brush.

Nicola started a course of herbal treatment, where a number of herbal tinctures were blended together especially for her. The herbs worked in the background to start reducing the pain and inflammation, and as time went by, her prescription changed according to what was needed.

But that wasn’t all. Over the past 20 years, I’ve become convinced that we don’t get ill because of random circumstances or bad luck. Illness is always a message, or metaphor that the mind uses to tell us that something’s wrong. This is why we talk about health ‘complaints’ – our mind is literally complaining, and it will keep on complaining until we do something about it!

With arthritis, the ‘complaint’ is often about long held anger, regret, or resentment that we’ve felt unable to let go of. We explored this together and Nicola recalled how, late one night, when her dad was very ill, the MacMillan nurse rang to say that he wanted her to come and sit with him. Nicola was already in bed and not realising how poorly he was, said that she’d come first thing in the morning. He died that night, and she’d bitterly regretted not going to him when he asked.

Once she realised the connection, and worked on forgiving herself for what had happened, she made a full recovery within just a few weeks, and went on to finish his painting.

You can read Nicola’s testimonial here.

Does this resonate with you?

We get ill for a reason, and very often, as we get the message, we release the need for our illness. This is just one of hundreds of examples I’ve seen over the years, and the recovery process is still fascinating to watch.

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