Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) has become widespread over the past 30 years. But what is Reiki exactly? The word Rei-Ki is actually made up of two Japanese words which roughly translate as ‘universal life force’. The ‘Ki’ part is the same as the ‘Qi’ from ‘Qi-Gong’ or the Chinese ‘Chi’ from ‘Tai Chi’. Reiki is just another way of using the same life force energy, by channelling it through the hands.

How Does Reiki Work?

Although we don’t fully understand how Rei-Ki works yet, medical staff who use it in hospitals have noticed that it can increase blood oxygen levels by up to 20%. It also changes the brain wave pattern of the person receiving Reiki to a meditative state, which might partly explain why having Reiki is so relaxing!

As a Reiki practitioner, during a treatment I place my hands on key positions on my patient’s body, and they draw the Reiki energy through my hands according to need. This is all done effortlessly, as the person’s inner knows how best to use the energy. There’s no need for any preparation, prayer, protection rituals or anything else, so it’s perfect for first aid as well. The practitioner has no influence over how the energy is used, or the outcome of the treatment.

What Can Reiki Do?

Just about anything! Again, in hospitals Doctors and Nurses trained in Reiki are often called to help stop bleeding when nothing else is working, and my local private hospital employs a Reiki practitioner. Over the years I’ve used it in first aid many times, but in my practice I most often use it to help patients with chronic fatigue or anxiety. Many patients choose to combine Reiki with their herbal treatment as the two work really well together.

Reiki works on the spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical levels to restore health and harmony. The practitioner doesn’t have any influence over how the energy is used other than where they place their hands, and the energy works in order of priority. For example, if a person is at a crossroads in their life and unsure of what to do, Reiki will bring them clarity on how to move forward. If they’ve just broken their ankle, it will help to relieve pain and swelling. If they’re exhausted they may have a long deep sleep soon after treatment and wake up feeling refreshed. Reiki works for the highest good, which means is initiates the best possible outcome for all concerned. This is interesting to see when someone’s at end of life, as Reiki will either help them to pass more quickly and peacefully, or make a miraculous recovery depending on what’s right for them. Reiki always works but not always in the way we expect!

Is Reiki Linked To Religion?

Reiki was discovered as we know it by Dr Mikao Usui who at the time was a lecturer in Theology at Kyoto University. When he was unable to answer a question from one of his students about how Jesus healed, he went on a quest, and found out about Reiki by studying Buddhist texts. There is some evidence to suggest that Jesus spent time training in Buddhist monasteries, but Reiki as its practiced today is not linked to any religion or belief system. It’s available for everyone to use regardless of their beliefs and even the British Army are working with it now.

Is Reiki Safe?

Yes. Reiki is safe to use in any situation but it’s important to understand that sometimes it can initiate a ‘healing crisis’. This is common in most forms of holistic healing, and symptoms can get worse for a time before they resolve. It’s therefore important to make sure your practitioner is properly trained and able to support you should this happen.

What Does Reiki Feel Like?

Everyone experiences the energy in their own way, but usually it’s felt as a pleasant warmth under the practitioner’s hands. Reiki treatments are very relaxing.

What Is A Reiki Master?

The term ‘Reiki Master’ is an interpretation of the Japanese word ‘Sensei’ which refers to a teacher who has learned their profession over a number of years. My Reiki Master, Barbara McGregor trained with Beth Gray over seven years before she began teaching. In most other cases these days Reiki ‘Masters’ train over 1-2 days.

How Can I Book A Reiki Session With You?

If you live in the Wolverhampton area, simply purchase one of the packages below and book your appointment at a convenient time. Gift vouchers are also available. Please ask for details.

Where Would You Recommend For Learning Reiki?

I don’t teach Reiki myself but would suggest contacting Christine Gould, who trained over a number of years with my Reiki Master Barbara McGregor.

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