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Have you noticed how frustrating it can be trying to get a GP appointment these days? Many appointments are taken up by minor ailments like colds, which Doctors can’t treat anyway. Increasing numbers of my patients have asked if I can help with minor ailments, which is one reason why I set up Vitaliti. Over the years I’ve also seen many patients who could have potentially saved their own lives by getting help as soon as they first noticed a problem. That’s why the regular health checks we offer all members are so vitally important.

What is Vitaliti?

Vitaliti is my online health service, and the first of its kind in the world. It works like a gym for your health, and whilst the focus is on keeping yourself super-healthy, it also offers short appointments for minor illnesses.

In return for your monthly subscription, you’ll get help with:

Optimising Your Health

  • Daily tips and support in our private Facebook group, so whatever you’re faced with, you’ll be part of a loving, supportive community.
  • Learn new ways of dealing with minor illnesses like colds safely at home, and how to make your own simple medicines.
  • Join our monthly challenge and take your health to new levels.
  • Stay safe with our 6 monthly full health checks, and monthly mini checks. If you find anything, we’ll help you get the best care in the shortest time, and support you whilst you’re waiting.
  • Save money with exclusive discounts off high quality supplements, herbal remedies, organic skincare, and personal care products.

Accessible Healthcare When You Need It Most

  • Get expert advice for yourself or any child under 13 living in your household by booking a short telemedicine appointment. You get one a month included in your subscription!
  • Moral support, and sound advice if anything is found on your health check.
  • Discounts off herbal treatment or coaching if you need it.

Vitaliti Is Not…

A replacement for your GP. Vitaliti is mainly designed to keep you well, and meant to work alongside any mainstream treatment you may need. I will always recommend that you work with your Doctor where appropriate, and help you to help yourself at the same time. If I don’t have the answers you’re looking for, I’ll save you time and effort by doing all the research for you, and helping you to make an informed decision based on reliable information.

Multi level marketing. The discounts I offer are across many quality brands from two trusted suppliers. I do offer a ‘recommend a friend’ scheme for existing members who love the service they get from Vitaliti and want tell their friends and family about it. You can find out more about that after joining.

Is Vitaliti For You?

Yes if:

  • You run your own business and literally can’t afford to get ill.
  • Your work patterns make it difficult to access mainstream healthcare.
  • You’re tight on time and would like to have expert advice available whenever you need it.
  • You’ve had a major illness and need some extra support whilst you’re rehabilitating.
  • You’ve got children with ongoing health problems.
  • You’re not well, but not ill either.
  • You’re worried about developing illnesses which run in your family.

What’s The Fee?

You can enjoy all the benefits of being a Vitaliti member for just £49.99 a month. There’s no joining fee and no minimum contract, so click on the button below now to sign up now. 





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