Your telehealth service keeping you well 24/7.

‘Vitaliti’ is the first naturopathic  private health service of its kind, which runs alongside your mainstream healthcare provider.

Easy access to healthcare expertise whenever and wherever you need it.

Vitaliti Works In Two Ways

Keeping You Well

I want you to be as healthy as you can be, so Vitaliti’s main focus is on keeping you well. Here’s what Vitaliti membership offers:

  • At least one 10 minute training session a month. Themes might include mindset, self help for colds and ‘flu, and herbal first aid.
  • Six monthly health checks to help detect any potentially serious health problems early on. If your check finds anything, I’ll work with you and your Doctor to help you get the help you need quickly. It might even save your life!
  • Exclusive access to my VIP Facebook group. In there you’ll find your training videos and podcasts as well as regular posts to help you keep your health on track.

Help When You Need It

If you’re really struggling, I’ll do whatever it takes to help you. Over time, I’ll be introducing specialists in other areas too, so for example if you needed to speak to an expert in mental health, or fertility, you’ll be referred to them immediately.

I’ll help you by:

  • Including a 15 minute telemedicine consultation each month in your membership fee. Using my ‘Healthie’ app, you can speak to one of my expert practitioners from your home or office. You can use this time for help with minor acute issues, or regular 1-2-1 coaching, and if you have children under 12, you can use your appointment to help them instead. Appointments are available at selected times Monday to Friday, and early on Saturday mornings*
  • Offering you 10% off any longer consultations provided by my practitioners if you need more intensive treatment*
  • Giving you free access to my SOS helpsheets via my Facebook group. If you need help with a minor illness, you can download the appropriate helpsheet 24 hours a day, from wherever you are in the world.
  • I will welcome you into a loving, supportive community via my VIP Facebook group. Whatever life throws at you, you’ll will be looked after by both my practitioners and other members.

*Terms and Conditions apply.


Is 'Vitaliti' supposed to replace my Doctor?
No. It’s designed to add a new ‘self-care’ dimension which works alongside your other healthcare providers. Medical Herbalists are trained to work at the same level as GP’s and I can work in partnership with your usual Doctors if everyone agrees. I can also help with self treatment of minor acute conditions like coughs and colds, and perhaps save you from needing to see your Doctor.
At what age are my children covered under my membership?
From birth to their 13th birthday your children are covered by your joining fee and monthly membership fee.  As a parent you’d need to complete a full intake form for yourself, and give brief details about your children on joining. After their 13th birthday the adult monthly fee would be applicable, although you’d be entitled to a group discount.
Do you offer family discounts if my whole family would like to join?
I can’t offer a discount on the joining fee but family membership would give all members 20% off the total amount. This would be on the basis that a single payment is made each month to cover everyone, and I’d set this up with you directly as a bespoke package.     This doesn’t have to apply exclusively to families. You can join up with friends, housemates, club members and work colleagues to make the most of this discount provided that a single monthly payment is made to cover everyone in the group.
Would you offer a group discount if a company wanted to offer this as a scheme for their employees?
Yes. The discount would depend on the number of employees so please get in touch to discuss this
If I don't use my 15 minute appointment one month, could I carry it over?
You can carry one unused appointment over to the following month once you’ve been a member for at least two months.
How often do you have appointments available?
All 15 minute appointments are exclusive to Vitaliti members and I currently offer 1 lunchtime slot, 1 weekday evening, and 1 weekend slot a week. These will increase according to demand.
I'm a past patient of yours. Do I still need to pay a joining fee?
No you wouldn’t pay the fee, but you would still need to complete the intake form upon joining.
How is payment taken?
Simply choose the package you’d like from the top of this page and payment is taken monthly from your card when you join. If you’re joining on the £79.99 package, I’ll contact you within the first month to see how you’re getting on, and take details for your ongoing membership.   You have the option to add your card details once you join so that I can take payment for any extra medicines or consultations you ask for at the time. Your details are not visible to anyone working in ‘Vitaliti’ and every care is taken to ensure that they’re kept secure.
What happens when I first join?
Joining is a simple, four step process which includes completing your intake form. This enables us to understand where you’re starting from in terms of your health and how I can best help you. You’ll be walked through each step of the process and be given my contact details in case you have any questions.   I may ring you from time to time to see how you are, especially if I haven’t spoken for a while.

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