Video Testimonials

Anxiety and Hormone Disturbance

Following a very traumatic bereavement, Phyl found herself struggling with anxiety which was affecting her ability to run her own business. Together we looked at all aspects of what had lead her to become unwell, and talking about how she felt was every bit as important as her herbal treatment. Because her case was quite complicated, Phyl’s treatment took longer than most of our other patients but she noticed a significant improvement within the first 6 weeks. She liked having someone to listen to her whenever she needed and her business has been thriving again since she finished treatment.


Leigh runs her own business and had been losing up to 5 days a month in bed with migraines. Following a very short course of herbal treatment she was very impressed to find that her migraines resolved completely and she had her life back for the first time in over 20 years. A year on Leigh is still off her medication and has chosen to follow a new supplement regime in order to maintain her health and vitality.

Back Injury Rehabilitation

Helen had been off work for some time with her back injury before she decided to try one of our Extreme Self Care programmes. Helen had made a good recovery following her surgery but wanted more help in getting back to her old self, and generally improving her health and vitality. She had a number of new job offers too and was keen to get going. As you can see from her video, Helen was really pleased with her thorough consultation and found her personalised plan easy to follow. She followed it exactly, and noticed a huge improvement after 6 weeks. As she says, she hasn’t looked back since.

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