Just when we thought things couldn’t get any more stressful, they did.
I’m writing this at the start of lockdown 3, and simply getting through each day without resorting to drink or hard drugs is an achievement. The risk of burnout is very real, and it can creep up without you realising.
So, following on from my other blog explaining what to look out for, here are ten easy ways to avoid burnout.
1/ Ditch all non-essential jobs. Cleaning can wait for a start. If you’re able to save any money by not going out, you can always treat yourself to a deep clean post lockdown. Someone will really appreciate the extra work and the chance to earn some money. Besides, the extra dirt around your home will help to tone up your immune system!. Praise yourself constantly for how well you’re doing.
2/ Batch cook everything. It’s roughly the same amount of effort to make 4 portions or 8, so cook big meals, and freeze up for another day.
3/ Get your oats. Oats are the staple food of miners and burly Scottish clansmen who need tons of stamina. They’re a fortifying food specific for nervous exhaustion (aka, the road to burnout), plus they’re cheap and easy to use. Overnight oats, porridge, oatcakes and savoury flapjacks are superfoods we can’t do without right now.
4/ You are officially allowed treats every day. Whether it’s going to the loo on your own (yes that is a treat for some), a bunch of flowers, a hot chocolate and 10 minutes peace & quiet, or a soak in the bath, make sure you treat yourself daily because you deserve it.
5/ Foot bath before bed. It sounds silly, but the ritual of an evening footbath is the ultimate in daily pampering. Add a mugful of Epsom Salts to your hot water for a bit of extra relaxation.
6/ Take your vitamins. Chronic stress costs a lot of nutrients to deal with, so at the very least take a high potency multi, a daily probiotic, and one formulated for stress with lots of B vitamins and Magnesium.
7/ Laugh. Watch a good comedy or call a friend who makes you laugh. It does wonders for your stress levels and your immunity.
8/ Connect with someone every day. Humans are tribal creatures and isolation is completely alien to us. Connect the old fashioned way, by phone or a handwritten letter or card.
9/ Get to bed early. We all need plenty of sleep at the moment.
10/ Let it all out. We need a safe physical release for our anger and frustration, so pillow punching, stampy dancing, or car screaming are all good for letting rip.

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