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Herbal medicine provides us with a wonderful form of personalised healthcare, so that medicine can be tailored to your needs week by week or in acute situations, hour by hour! Working with a Medical Herbalist gives you a very different kind of care to that which you’d get from an NHS Doctor because I can spend much more time getting to know you. During your first consultation I’d get to know in detail exactly what’s been going on from birth right up to the present day, so that we build a picture of how you came to be unwell. I’ll also do my best to explain what’s happening and help you to feel more positive about your situation, and give you practical ideas about diet and lifestyle changes which will help you to help yourself.

Here are a few good reasons why it’s good to work me:

  • I listen to you and take you seriously, however ‘strange’ you may think your symptoms are. I particularly enjoy working with patients who have the less understood conditions like Fibromyalgia.
  • I look at the whole of you at the same time. We’ll talk about the psycho-emotional elements of your illness as well as the physical ones, so that you can have a better understanding and appreciation of what your body is doing.
  • I’m a fresh pair of eyes. With the NHS under increasing strain, many patients are feeling dissatisfied with their treatment, especially if they have multiple health issues. Because I’m taking longer over your consultation, I can often see patterns which are missed elsewhere. With your permission I can then write to your Doctor if it looks like you may benefit from other tests, investigations, or a new avenue of treatment.
  • Your medicine is made especially for you. I’ll blend together a number of herbs which work together to bring about the changes we need. As time goes by and your priorities change, we’ll change your medicine accordingly.
  • You are in control at all times. We work as a team, along with the herbs to work through your health issues in order of priority. Even if something unforeseen happens we can quickly change your treatment to help you through.

For your convenience, where appropriate I now offer telemedicine consultations, so that you don’t always need to travel to see me in person. These are done securely using an app which can be downloaded to your smart phone, and we can also keep each other up to date with photos, documents, and messages all in the same place. Please note that sometimes telemedicine is not appropriate, so if travel for regular consultations is a problem, I’ll happily put you in touch with a more local Medical Herbalist.

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