People and Planet

Herbal medicine by its nature is pretty ethical, eco-friendly kind of profession. Here are some of the things I do to help give back:


2018 was a record breaking year for wild crafted and home grown medicines at Physic. I’m lucky to have beautiful woodland and meadows close by, as well as a well stocked herb garden, so my ‘herb miles’ in many cases are less than half! Native herbs I’ve used this year include Nettle, Plantain, Hawthorn, Elder, Comfrey, St John’s Wort, Peppermint, Lemon balm and White Deadnettle.

I’m adding to my herb garden all the time, so that not only can students learn about the plants they’re working with in a ‘hands-on’ way, but I can make more fresh tinctures which have so much more vitality than the dried ones.

Any other medicines come from a company based in Oxford, and I don’t buy medicines made from rare or endangered plants. The majority of herbal medicines I use are vegan, but please ask if you’re unsure.

Unfortunately at present there’s no viable alternative to using plastic bottles, but I reuse all of my large medicine bottles and patients are encouraged to wash an return their bottles for refilling wherever possible. Any bottles which can’t be reused are recycled.


In association with Lakeside Medical Centre, I organise and run free monthly health talks as a gift to the community. We believe that with a little education we can all become a little more self reliant and a little less dependent on the NHS. These talks cover a wide variety of topics so there’s something for everyone, and in herbal medicine week I offer free walks and consultations too.  To see what’s coming up, click on ‘Events’.

I offer first consultations for just £10, making treatment of minor ailments easily accessible for most people.

I also volunteer as a Medical Herbalist and Reiki Practitioner for my local Hospice, and I’m a Clinical Trainer for ‘Heartwood’. Heartwood offers professional training for Medical Herbalists based all over the world, where theory is learnt online and practical skills in clinics like mine. The world needs Herbalists now more than ever so I’m really pleased to be working with students in this way.

I support Children’s Metabolic Unit at Birmingham Children’s Hospital whenever I can. These amazing people take care of my son who has PKU, and countless other children with more life limiting conditions. Donations are used to fund research, parties and outings so that children can make friends and have fun whilst learning how to manage their condition.

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