Home herbal remedies could potentially help support elderly relatives.

The Coronavirus situation is becoming more serious by the day, and for a long time now my colleagues and I have been debating how we could best help. We’ve learnt from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Doctors how the infection manifests in the body, what it looks like at each stage, and which herbs they’ve found helpful in treating it. The difficulty is, that the infrastructure in China is very different to the one we have here. In China there are dedicated TCM hospitals where the Doctors have some training in common with mainstream medicine. All of the patients and herbal medicines are in one place, allowing the Doctors to react quickly and provide the correct medicine according to whatever is going on. This has proven particularly useful in the city of Hubei, where the mortality rate dropped dramatically after they began using herbs.

Whilst most of us would make a full recovery if we caught Coronavirus, it seems that the elderly, especially those with heart disease, diabetes and other health conditions are particularly vulnerable. Like most families, we have elderly relatives, two of whom fall into the high risk category. One who lives hundreds of miles from me,  has been busy working on her nutrition over the last few weeks. Now we’re taking that a step further, and she’s been making her own herbal remedies from kitchen ingredients to use if she should become unwell and not be able to get into hospital straightaway. These are old remedies that have been used for generations but largely forgotten even by some Medical Herbalists! Interestingly, my research has found that some have been studied very recently and shown to be effective.

Getting ready has not only helped her to feel more confident knowing that she has her medicine to hand and knows how to use it, it’s helped take my stress levels down too. I couldn’t have predicted several weeks ago that we’d be going back to grass roots herbalism so fast, but luckily respiratory problems respond very well to common foods and kitchen herbs. And with the sheer number of families that might need to care for elderly relatives over the coming weeks, I’m keen to help as many as possible to learn how to help.

As I’ve always said, with herbal medicine there’s always something you can do, and now is no exception. Many of the herbs and foods used to support the respiratory system are the ones we use in our kitchens every day. We can easily show our elders which foods to eat, which to avoid and how to take the best care of themselves using these foods.

Just to be clear, these would be used as an adjunct to mainstream medical treatment and government guidelines. Please continue do everything they’re advising in terms of handwashing, isolating and seeking medical help when needed.

Would You Like To Know How To Support Elderly Relatives At Home?

Here are some key foods and drinks to make sure they have in their kitchen:

  • Garlic bulbs and garlic puree.
  • Onions.
  • Vegetable oil.
  • Powdered mustard, cayenne and/or ginger (buy larger amounts from spice shops if possible)
  • Elderflower cordial and/or peppermint tea.

I’m in the process of writing online training called ‘Herbal First Aid For Elders’ which will show you how to prepare safe, simple remedies. If you’re not already receiving my fortnightly updates, please join my mailing list and be the first to know when it’s ready.

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