Nic Pulle was 47 and had been struggling with menopausal brain fog for 3 years when she first came to see me in Spring 2019. It had become so bad at one point that she’d had to leave her job as a Finance Manager, and when we met she was setting up her own book keeping business. Her short term memory was poor and even simple tasks were proving very difficult. Understandably she was concerned about having to close her business before it had even got going.

Nic saw her GP when her problems first started, and the blood tests showed that she was perimenopausal, but she didn’t want to take the antidepressants offered to her. Joint pains made exercise difficult, which coupled with the hormonal changes meant that she was struggling with weight gain. Besides that she was experiencing hot flushes which kept her up at night, digestive problems, and mood disturbances which made her home life more difficult. When she first came to see me, she was quite depressed, and scored the severity of her symptoms as 8/10.

As well as taking tailored herbal medicine, Nic had some basic health coaching which helped her to make some dietary and lifestyle improvements. Within the first 4 weeks she noted a 70% improvement in her brain fog. She felt more confident about building her business, and had gained some new clients. Her energy levels also improved and she felt able to do some more exercise.

Four weeks later the flushes had also calmed down, enabling her to sleep 7 hours at a time. By then she scored her improvement at 80% and felt she no longer needed her herbal medicine once her programme was finished. Six months on, Nic and her business is still doing well despite no longer taking her medicine.

Are you struggling with your menopause too?

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