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How I Can Support You Through The Coronavirus Crisis?

This last few weeks has been a trying time for all of us, and as we continue to navigate through the current situation, I’ve been looking at ways to make it easier for you to access help and support whenever you need it. Here’s what’s in place so far:

  • Appointments are available at morning, afternoon, evening and weekend online clinics to make help more accessible for shift workers. 
  • ‘Wellbeing on Wednesday’ has been focussing on helping you to cope with Coronavirus both physically and mentally. 
  • Additional experts have been invited to share their wisdom on fitness, meditation and mental health in my free Facebook group ‘Minted’. 
  • New blogs are being written, and videos added both to Facebook and my YouTube channel all the time. 
  • New online training is available on ‘Herbal First Aid For Elders’, and more will be coming soon. 
  • NHS and other care workers get 20% off Vitaliti membership for the rest of this year. 

If there’s anything else you can think of, please let me know. 

Events Coming Up

The next ‘Wellbeing on Wednesday’ will be on Wednesday 29th April from 7.30-8.00, and it’s all about How To Keep Calm And Carry On. All of these meetings happen in my free Facebook group, ‘Minted’, which you can join here. 

My Migraine Article Is Now Available On The Open Access Government Website

Click here to read my latest guest blog for the Open Access Government website, all about natural remedies for migraines. You can read it here.

Vitaliti HVitaliti Logoas Launched!

The world’s first health service of its kind has been launched by Physic on 1st February. With mainstream healthcare becoming more and more difficult to access, Vitaliti works completely online, helping you to help yourself, and taking some pressure off the NHS. Each month we have a different theme which starts with some training, and you can join the group challenge if you like. February’s theme is ‘Love Yourself’, and keep checking back here to find out the themes for forthcoming months. You can find out all about Vitaliti here.


Minted Facebook Group

Join My Free Facebook Group!

‘Minted’ is my free group which launched at the end of 2019, and it gives us a safe space to talk about different health topics, as well as hosting the monthly ‘Wellbeing on Wednesday’ talks. There’s regular free training in there,  so come on in for daily tips and banter. You can join here. 


Tots to TravelRead My Guest Blog On Holiday Health

Award winning travel company ‘Tots To Travel’  recently asked me to write for them about natural ways to keep the whole family healthy on holiday. You can read all about it here.



HYour Helathy LivingSee Physic In ‘Your Healthy Living’ Magazine.

I’m now a regular writer for ‘Your Healthy Living’ magazine, and in 2019 wrote about children’s health, migraines, stress, and sleep solutions. You can read all about them by following the links below.

Ways To boost Your Children’s Health

Migraine Misery

Natural Stress Busters

Sleep Solutions



Iridology Appointments Are Now Available Iridology

In November I completed my Iridology training with internationally renowned teacher Alan Payne. Iridology is a very old way of looking at the types of illness a person may be prone to by examining the iris of each eye. Iridology gives a fascinating insight about why a person has become unwell, and which foods, herbs, and nutrients are needed to correct any imbalances. In some countries it’s taught in medical schools, and although it’s widely used in the USA and Australia, it’s less well known in the UK. Iridology assessments and reports are now available. Please contact Hannah for details.

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