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Fame at last!

I’ve been busy writing for a number of publications and websites lately, including ‘Woman’s Own’ and ‘Your Healthy Living’. 

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‘Minted’ is my free Facebook group where you’ll find daily tips, banter, support and some free training. Click here to come on in! 


Clinical Supervision for Heartwood

I love sharing my passion for herbal medicine with as many people as I can, and as part of that I’m a Clinical Trainer for ‘Heartwood’. Herbal Medicine students join me in the 2nd and 3rd years of their professional studies to learn the practical skills of case history taking, examination, and practice management. All of them understand the importance of confidentiality, but if you’d prefer not to have a student observing or participating in your consultation, please let me know.


Open Workshops

Whether you’re a budding Herbalist, or just ‘herb curious’, you’ll get to know your herbs inside out when you join one of my workshops. It’s so much easier to learn about the actions of herbs using all your senses, so I make sure we include plenty of herb walks, tasting, touching and smelling every time. You’ll also get to make your own remedies to take home with you.

To find out about open workshops coming up check out my events page.

Training For GPs and Practice Nurses

With more and more people becoming interested in Herbal Medicine, GPs and Practice Nurses can often feel uncomfortable when answering patient queries about them.

In ‘Herbal Medicine For Healthcare Professionals’, you’ll learn:

  • What herbal medicine is and why people like to use it.
  • Appropriate and inappropriate uses of herbal medicines.
  • Safety aspects, including herb-drug interactions and known contraindications.
  • Why herbal medicine is not always considered to be ‘evidence based’.
  • About Medical Herbalists and their potential role in integrated healthcare.

You’ll also get to taste some herbs and learn about what they do. If you’d be interested in booking a training session, click here to schedule a quick call.

Corporate Training

I treat companies holistically in the same way I would a person. That means I’m interested in quickly getting to the root causes of any health issues, and getting results that will be long lasting. A large part of this involves helping your workforce to understand and take better care of themselves. For example, in my stress management workshops I explain how weight gain during periods of stress is actually a survival mechanism. This gives people a new perspective on their health and appreciation of their body regardless of how its behaving.

As well as giving dietary and lifestyle advice, I give practical tips on how to implement it. This could include how to rearrange the fridge in order to facilitate healthier food choices, and how to set up a room for restful sleep.

You can find out more about corporate services here, or get in touch now if you’d prefer to have a chat.

Bespoke Workshops/Classes

Bespoke workshops and classes are available, so please get in touch if you’d like to discuss those.

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