Over the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed a sharp rise in the number of enquiries I’m getting about Covid related anxiety, or ‘Coronanxiety’ as it’s also known. Whilst some of the people I’ve spoken to have lived with anxiety in the past, for others it’s the first time, so they’re having to start from scratch with putting coping mechanisms in place.

Anxiety is terribly debilitating, and often can lead to loss of appetite, lack of sleep, as well as putting a huge impact on work and family life. But there are some simple ways you can help protect your mental health despite the onslaught of negative messages we’re all being subjected to every day.

If you want to improve your physical health, and you’re 100% committed to doing that, you’ll start to make changes that will push you in that direction. For example, you might choose to eat healthier food, go to bed earlier, or go for a daily walk. The same applies with anxiety. We need to gradually move ourselves in the direction of calm, inner peace and radical self acceptance. This is a process that can take time, but it’s important to notice and celebrate every step. Here are a few ideas:

  • Refuse to beat yourself up for feeling anxious. You wouldn’t do it to anyone else, and being unkind to yourself will only make matters worse.
  • Remove yourself from any groups or people on social media who make you feel worse. If possible, take a break from social media altogether and keep in touch with friends by phone, letter, or email.
  • Take a complete break from the news, and spend that time doing something you enjoy instead. If you want to stay updated, check this website twice a week.
  • Surround yourself with people who make you feel better, and join support groups which do the same. You’re welcome to come into my free Facebook group by clicking here, where you’ll find plenty of support.
  • Start training yourself to relax, either with meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing, or creativity.
  • Treat your food like medicine (because it is), making sure you nourish yourself properly every day.

Herbal Medicine For Coronavirus Anxiety

Herbs have a lot to offer if you’re struggling with anxiety, but work best alongside other lifestyle changes

Chamomile is useful for aiding restful sleep, and calming digestion aggravated by stress.

like the ones I’ve just mentioned. I stock herbal sedatives like Lemon Balm, Valerian or Chamomile, which can help you to feel calmer and get a better night’s sleep. I also have adaptogens, which help your body out of its stress response, and make anxiety much easier to cope with until life becomes easier.

If you’re concerned about yourself or your family catching viruses over winter, I also have herbs which help you to become more robust. Experience tells me that using herbs in this way makes a person far less likely to become infected, and helps them to recover more quickly if they do.  Your medicine is always tailored to suit you, so its safe to take alongside other kinds of medication too.

Learning From The Past

The last global crisis we experienced on this scale was World War 2. I remember speaking to my grandparents about their wartime experiences and how they coped with years of constant stress. Despite having witnessed some pretty awful things, they never mentioned having PTSD, anxiety or any other damage to their mental health. They coped largely by pulling together and helping each other out. More recently studies have shown that altruism has numerous benefits for our mental health, and many of those who’ve worked in service of others this year have noticed the same.

Are You Suffering With Coronavirus Anxiety?

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