Spontaneous healing

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Since my cancer scare three months ago, getting a better work-life balance has become top priority. As part of that, soon we’ll be moving to a home that’s more family friendly, and I’ve been working hard to get that all underway. Needless to say that alongside running Physic, that’s temporarily left me with very little ‘me time’!

For the last few weeks, every knuckle in my left hand has been really painful. Luckily I’m right handed, but typing was becoming difficult, and the worsening pain was starting to worry me. At the same time, we’d had an ongoing situation relating to a lady, which had been annoying me for ages. I’d put off dealing with it in the hope that things would improve, and I could avoid any confrontation with her, but unfortunately that didn’t happen! So on Saturday, I finally dealt with it (it wasn’t that bad after all!).

On Sunday morning, my fingers felt much worse and for the first time, looked quite swollen. I spent the day at a BBQ which kept me well distracted, and in the afternoon I noticed something strange. 

All the pain was gone! I could move my fingers quite easily and I there was no pain or stiffness at all!

How did that happen?

As you probably know by now, I’m convinced that all illness and injury has a psycho-emotional trigger. That’s why we sometimes notice people with really unhealthy lifestyles appearing to be in perfect health, and vice-versa. Those of us who are truly happy and aligned on every level tend not to suffer from health problems. 

On that basis, every illness and injury is likewise a message from your inner that something’s not right and needs to be changed. It uses a very clear language in order to tell us what’s happening, and it’s quite easy to understand when we know how!

So from the eyes down, the left side of the body represents issues around a female, women in general, or your own feminine energies. Eg, if you’re not standing up for yourself and being assertive enough (traditionally thought of as being a male trait), your feminine energies are dominant and out of balance.

Hands often represent the way we handle things  and can relate to people or situations. In my case my body was trying to tell me that the ongoing situation with this lady needed to be resolved one way or another. When it was, there was no need for the ‘message’ anymore, and the pain went away. 

I’m one of just a few Medical Herbalists who explores the mind-body connection with my patients, and there are a few reasons why it’s important to do this:

  • If we don’t ‘get the message’, we subconsciously retain the need for the illness. Even with mainstream treatments, they can often reoccur, or related ones can crop up, and continue to cause problems for many more years to come.
  • It takes the fear away. When we understand that body and mind are working together in order to keep us happy and healthy, there’s nothing to be afraid of.
  • It’s more empowering. We realise that we have much more control over our health than we realised, and our bodies are usually capable of healing given the right conditions.
  • It supports our resilience and personal growth. Health problems can play havoc with our mental health and daily life. By taking ownership and making positive changes, we’re better able to cope with whatever happens.

I can promise you that using this approach I see ‘miracles’ like this happening every day. If you feel stuck with a long term health issue and it’s time you moved forward, book your first appointment now. You’ll be so glad you did!

And you can watch the YouTube version of this blog here. 

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