Success Stories

I Couldn’t have Made a Better Decision

Before I came to Hannah it’s safe to say I was in a fairly bad place. I was feeling anxious and depressed every day, and just the prospect of leaving the house would induce panic attacks and fear. Even though I was afraid, I knew that something had to be done and I was fed up of feeling the way I did. I wanted to get back to the way I was; by nature a happy and adventurous person. I wasn’t keen on the idea of going on prescribed antidepressants due to the experiences of friends and acquaintances and wanted to try herbal medicine. Due to the state of mind I was in, I was pessimistic and didn’t hold out much hope, but I was intent on sticking with the programme. Now I am so pleased to say that I couldn’t have made a better decision. Frankly I noticed a difference almost immediately, and after taking a tailor made herbal mixture over 3 – 4 months I hardly feel any of those negative emotions anymore, and if I do it’s on such a more manageable level. Now I have more energy, motivation and things that I only dreamed of accomplishing don’t seem impossible anymore. I urge anyone who is feeling similarly to the way I was to visit Hannah, the difference both in how I feel and come across to others is immense.

Chris Ryan

Really pleased we went to see Hannah

We started working with Hannah in January 2017 as our daughter had been suffering with cough variant asthma for years. We’d been to see both NHS and private Doctors and she was on two medications which although helpful, were not able to fix the problem. She was always catching colds, and the constant coughing was distressing for all of us. When we finally reached the end of our tether, we went to Hannah on a friend’s recommendation. As soon as she started the herbal medicine she started to get better, and over time she was getting fewer colds. The asthma has now gone and we use herbs during the winter only to help protect her from any infections. We’re really pleased we went to see Hannah!

Yvonne Blackhurst


Positive Lifestyle Changes

After a consultation with Hannah Charman in April 2016 I undertook the Extreme Self Care Programme in May 2016.I decided to follow an alternative method to conventional medicine in an attempt to reduce the increase in pain in my hands from rheumatoid arthritis. Since my retirement I have returned to painting and drawing – my first love in life ! However, because the RA pain was in my hands my ability to paint was badly affected, this reinforced my decision to find a more holistic approach. The programme ran over a 6 week period with full support from Hannah as well as her advice on a range of holistic medicine. Over the 6 weeks I completed a variety of written exercises including creating a goal map and reading an exceptional book given to me by Hannah. I really enjoyed this part of the programme but the most profound and long-lasting effects have been the detox and dietary knowledge I have gained during the 6 weeks. If you decide to do the programme I think you should consider the following which helped me to maximise the benefits . *LISTEN CAREFULLY – Hannah explains the programme carefully and professionally with due regard to your personal requirements. *MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF – The content of the programme gave me ‘permission’ to concentrate on me and find a positive health outcome. *OPEN YOUR MIND – For me it was important to be open-minded about all the issues in my life not just my physical health. I would recommend the Self Care programme because of the positive change it has made to my health eg. a 70% improvement in my RA in my hands. I found the experience enlightening because for me it was not just about ‘digesting’ the medicines but also about ‘digesting ‘ the ups and downs of my journey as I understood the issues that had affected my life ! Ultimately the biggest impact is that I am now in control of the positive lifestyle changes I made to maintain good health and keep painting

Nicola Jonas


Achieving the Impossible

I met Hannah shortly after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and started her six-week programme shortly after. I felt she really understood me and how I was feeling and I trusted that her advice really would be best to act on. It changed my life quite drastically and quite quickly with methods and routines I had never thought about before. Hannah talked me through my options and how I could either reduce my activities or boost my body to be able to handle my current routine – I chose the latter. The bedtime routine was a big help for me – I thought a routine at bedtime was only for children but by following the plans in my programme, setting the bedroom, enjoying a herbal tea included in the programme package and using recommended mindset apps my sleep routine completely changed. This alone made a big difference. I also completely altered my diet using the cookbook included in the programme, the recipes were easy, fitted in with my busy lifestyle and were enjoyable to eat. With a good sleeping and eating routine it made it much easier to handle the effects of Fibro. Simple things like having a bath and taking supplements daily finished off a new outlook and lifestyle for me. By following a plan, and having someone to talk to if I found anything difficult or didn’t fancy certain sections was the best method for me. I continued to follow it long after the six weeks and couldn’t be without my herbal tea before bed these days! It has continued to improve my symptoms and last month I completed my first 10k mud run – coming in 30th out of 140 women – in just one hour and 32 minutes. That type of challenge was previously impossible and without Hannah and her amazing plan I don’t think I would have made it off the starting line!

Rhea Alton


Very Knowledgeable

I was looking for a little support and a recommendation for tiredness due to participating in sports. I contacted Hannah and had a consultation. she advised me after a preview of what my daily diet and activities were. I found her to have knowledge and understanding of her profession. a certain recommendation for anyone who needs this type of advice and I would certainly make another appointment.

Graham Humphries


Very Useful

I have been using the sleep mix for well over a year, initially because of sleep problems associated with restless leg syndrome. While I have been prescribed medication for the leg issue, I still find the sleep mix very useful in helping me to fall asleep, or occasionally to regain sleep if I happen to become restless during the night. One of the important benefits of the sleep mix is that in the morning there are none of the hungover feelings which are commonly associated with conventional sleeping pills.

John Wilson


In Recovery

I was so close to burnout when I saw Hannah, my diet was awful, my skin was dreadful, I had very little energy and was fully aware my health was suffering, that something needed to change. After the initial in depth consultation with Hannah and the lifestyle analysis, she knew where to start and what to tackle first. She prescribed dietary supplements and a herbal remedy that would soon have me back on track. Just two weeks later, I’d started to notice the difference. My energy levels had increased, my appetite had increased and I finally started to believe I was in recovery. That was 5 months ago, I’m still using the supplements and have changed my lifestyle completely – I know what a mess I’d be now if I’d not seen Hannah then.


Senior Finance

Enormously Better

Over 10 years of poor health due to gynecological issues resulted in major surgery last year, with a complicated recovery (wound failing to heal due to 2 infections, and a low grade liver infection which caused debilitating stiffness in every joint in my body), my GP, who is very good actually, said that the only thing I could do was wait and it may take months but I would get over everything eventually. After so many years feeling dreadful I wasn’t prepared to just wait so I contacted Hannah. She took a detailed history of my health and my current habits and lifestyle. She asked me where I wanted to get to (feeling 70% better in 6 weeks was my goal). She then put me on a 6 weeks self care plan tailored for my specific needs. I followed it carefully, even the liver tonic! Within a couple of weeks I felt better, and by the end of the programme I felt enormously better. I have a lot more energy and have even got myself a pup who keeps me active every day! Hannah is very thorough and considerate and obviously takes a great deal of care with her clients. I am very pleased that I decided to call her and not just wait!

Sandra Dodd

Getting To The Heart of the Matter

Hannah is excellent. I was very sceptical about coaching courses and herbs but having undertaken this course and started on a prescription of herbs I can say that I am seeing results. Hannah provides continuous support and encouragement.



A Joined Up Approach to Shoulder Pain

Prior to having treatment from Hannah, I had been suffering for about a year with severe pain in my neck and shoulder. This was undiagnosed and responding only moderately to mainstream medication. I had never used herbal medicine before and was unsure about whether it could help. We made a start and a slight improvement was noticeable straight away although this then ‘plateaued’ and the first few weeks were a bit up and down in terms of progress. After lots of discussion, experimentation and tweaking of the mixture we eventually arrived at an ‘optimum’ mix for me and my condition. I have now been taking this version for approximately 6 months with a steady improvement throughout and no sense that this mixture needs to be further altered. I still take some mainstream medication, and in fact have had a positive breakthrough recently with a new drug but I still believe that the herbal mix alongside this remains essential. My condition still eludes diagnosis but I would now describe it as 70% improved. I believe that herbal medicine and mainstream medicine can be used compatibly and that I would not have made the gains that I have without both. Hannah has given impressively focused attention to my plight throughout. She has listened openly and thoughtfully and she determinedly maintained hope on my behalf in the early stages when I was myself at times doubtful. I’m now a convert! I don’t need the herbal medicine as much as I did but I do still use it to some degree every evening when discomfort (no longer pain!) tends to emerge. I feel so much better than I did 9 months ago and I believe that the herbal treatment from Hannah has played a very significant part in this improvement.



Back on Track After Breast Cancer

I had breast cancer in January 2013. Fortunately, I discovered it early and it was dealt with quickly. However, I felt really ill afterwards, I was very depressed and began to suffer from hip joint and knee pain. I also felt as if my brain had closed down almost completely. I made silly mistakes at work and could not answer even the simplest questions. This was largely attributed (by the Macmillan nurses) to the medication I was taking, which I subsequently stopped. Unfortunately, I still did not recover.I had already been introduced to Hannah on a previous occasion and met her again at an holistic therapy event. What she told me made a great deal of sense and I decided to sign up for the Fast Track Recovery Course. Hannah rang me and discussed my problems and my diet. She was non judgmental, and very positive so I thought I could at least give it a try. She prescribed some dietary supplements and suggested a low GI diet with details on how to follow it. The booklet she provides also suggests other easy ways to give you a more positive outlook. After approximately 2 to 3 weeks, I was aware that the fog was lifting and that I was at last able to converse without searching fruitlessly for words. It sounds silly I know but has been very frightening for me and I was convinced I had onset dementia.Hannah keeps in touch by phone to check on progression and is readily available if I need to ring her. I take part in conference calls every fortnight. The first one that I joined, I found extremely helpful and has had yet another positive effect on my recovery. I find it difficult to open up to people and bore them with my problems but it is so much easier with these calls. I still have the problems with joint pains but have resolved to try gentle exercise to help with this. I feel that I still have a way to go but feel more positive about the future now and less like a victim. I would recommend this course to anyone who is suffering and has no idea who to turn to for help. I am quite a skeptical person and did not expect this course to help me, Hannah has proved me wrong I am very pleased to say.



It all Cleared Up

Zac had started off with mild cradle cap when he was about 2 months old. Over the coming months it gradually got worse and to the point where he lost all of his hair due to scratching and pulling it out. I tried every oil I could think of on his scalp which just made it worse. The doctors would only prescribe dermol which wasn’t strong enough and he eventually ended up with a fungal infection. Fucidin cream was prescribed which cleared it all up but eventually it returned.
I went to see Hannah who prescribed calendula herbs for his milk and to use as a rinse in his bath. For a few weeks the results weren’t that obvious however I knew this would be the case but then after about 6 weeks we saw the healing crisis where huge chunks of flaky skin came away and eventually it all cleared up. Zac was also on antibiotics again at this point due to the scalp getting reinfected. However aside from a tiny dry patch on his scalp the cradle cap has completely cleared up.


Anxiety and Hormone Disturbance

Following a very traumatic bereavement, Phyl found herself struggling with anxiety which was affecting her ability to run her own business. Together we looked at all aspects of what had lead her to become unwell, and talking about how she felt was every bit as important as her herbal treatment. Because her case was quite complicated, Phyl’s treatment took longer than most of our other patients but she noticed a significant improvement within the first 6 weeks. She liked having someone to listen to her whenever she needed and her business has been thriving again since she finished treatment.


Leigh runs her own business and had been losing up to 5 days a month in bed with migraines. Following a very short course of herbal treatment she was very impressed to find that her migraines resolved completely and she had her life back for the first time in over 20 years. A year on Leigh is still off her medication and has chosen to follow a new supplement regime in order to maintain her health and vitality.

Back Injury Rehabilitation

Helen had been off work for some time with her back injury before she decided to try one of our Extreme Self Care programmes. Helen had made a good recovery following her surgery but wanted more help in getting back to her old self, and generally improving her health and vitality. She had a number of new job offers too and was keen to get going. As you can see from her video, Helen was really pleased with her thorough consultation and found her personalised plan easy to follow. She followed it exactly, and noticed a huge improvement after 6 weeks. As she says, she hasn’t looked back since.


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