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We all need a bit of help sometimes. Where some people would work with a Personal Trainer to improve their fitness, a Health Coach can do the same for your health and vitality. We take the confusion out of which diet to follow or supplements to take, and write you your very own programme to follow at home. Not only do you learn everything you need to know to improve your health, we’ll show you what to do and exactly how to do it, and together we get great results.

Unlike many Health Coaches, at Physic we’re also qualified health practitioners, and our Principal Medical Herbalist is one of just a few in the UK to work from a GP Surgery. That means we start each coaching programme with a very thorough case history, and if necessary an examination and urine testing. Occasionally we pick up on signs missed by Doctors simply because we get to spend more time getting to know you, and we can then refer or treat you accordingly. That way you get some extra peace of mind knowing that any complex health issues are more likely to be found and treated at an early stage.

We currently offer a 6 week ‘Extreme Self Care’ programme and a 12 week ‘Intensive Care’ programme. Both will show you everything you need to know to improve your health and stay well for many more years to come.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our treatments have evolved over the last 20 years to a point where we now have around an 85% success rate. We’re always learning more and trying new ways to improve on that further.
  • Unlike many coaches, we’re also health care practitioners, so we can treat illness as well as promote health and help you get back on track fast.
  • We’re on call for you 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, and you can get out of hours support via our VIP Facebook group.
  • We have a global network of specialists on hand, so if we don’t have all the answers, we’ll know someone who does.
  • We also have access to private medical tests which are much more comprehensive than those available on the NHS. The results belong to you, so you’re free to share them with your other healthcare providers if you’d like to.
  • On the Intensive Care programme we can offer an integrated approach with your other healthcare providers. That means we can pool our expertise, help you make informed decisions, and see that between us you receive the best possible care.

Which are you?


The Extreme Self Care programme is suitable for most of our patients who have mild to moderate complaints. We’d write you a comprehensive programme to follow at home with a little bit of support from your Health Coach. Click here if that sounds like you.

Extreme Care

Each programme is suited to a different kind of patient, depending on how much help they need. Although they follow the same format, the Intensive Care programme is for patients with more complex or serious health issues which need more support from us. Click here if that sounds like you.

Intensive Care

Whether or not you know which programme would be most suitable for you, we always start with a short consultation which costs just £10.00. That gives us the chance to get to know each other and explore your treatment options without any further obligation to work with us.

I believe that herbal medicine and mainstream medicine can be used compatibly

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