Free Information

Please click on the title to open and download the free health guides:

If you’d like to feel better, here are a few free gifts to help you get started. They’re also part of my CFS and Fibromyalgia toolkit.

  1. Your Health Analysis – find out how healthy you are with our quick questionnaire.
  2. Let Food Be Your Medicine– is my 7 step no-nonsense guide to healthy eating.
  3. How To Be Ill – is my 7 step guide to living with chronic illness.
  4. Think Yourself Well – is my 7 step guide to creating the right mindset for healing.
  5. Positive Affirmations For Health – are postcard sized and easy to stick up on the back of the loo door, the fridge, or your desk.
  6. The Little Book Of Workplace Wellbeing – packed with simple ideas to help you improve wellbeing at work.

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