Hannah Charman

Medical Herbalist

Hannah Charman

Medical Herbalist

Are you happy with your health?

Are you happy with your health?

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Are you:

  • Struggling with your own health issues?
  • Determined to help yourself but aren’t sure how?
  • Not having much luck with your other treatments?
  • Motivated to work with a Medical Herbalist or Health Coach and get back on track?

If you’re not feeling 100%, I sympathise. I have first hand knowledge of having a devastating and life changing illness that no one can diagnose.

Having learnt in my early teens what it’s like to be very unwell and beyond the help of mainstream medicine, I decided to train as a Medical Herbalist and learn how to help others using a variety of tried and tested techniques. You can read all about my journey on my About page, but now I’d like to focus on what I can do to help you.

How do you feel today?  Are you are having trouble sleeping, feel depressed and finding it hard to be optimistic or possibly having problems with your stomach?  Or perhaps you just feel under par, not quite well, but not totally ill.  Or you may even feel burnt out, dragging yourself around and collapsing exhausted on the sofa in the evening when you get home.  There are always reasons why we become unwell, and with the right resources, illness can become a powerful catalyst for change.

Our current lifestyles are causing all sorts of problems, but the good news is that this can usually be reversed. As a fully qualified Medical Herbalist, I can show you specific ways of working on your health issues. It’s usually fairly straightforward too – you just need to learn how it’s done.

The problem is that we often don’t know where to begin, because the information we are given is so contradictory.

I provide a very personal service to everyone who I work with.  Each person I work with is treated individually, and I take great care to fully understand what’s going on for you. Having studied for seven years for my qualifications you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Work with a fully qualified and trained Medical Herbalist

The work we do together is based on many years of training and experience – Before I began studying Herbal Medicine, I trained as a Reiki practitioner when I was 16, and at 17 became the youngest in our network to train in the Advanced Level of Reiki. I was the ‘extra pair of hands’ when my parent’s Hypnotherapy patients wanted Reiki treatments and developed a thorough understanding of the mind-body connection in illness at a very early age. In 1999 I graduated from Middlesex University with an Honours Degree in Western Herbal Medicine, following four years of full time study. Qualified Medical Herbalists are trained to a similar level as a GP and share many of the same skills despite having very different approaches to health and illness.

Once we know what the issues are, we’ll give honest advice about your next steps. We’re never happy until you are, and if you’re prepared to do whatever it takes to improve your, we are too.

Over the years I’ve been amazed time and time again at what the human body can do given the right care and resources. Even in seemingly hopeless situations something can always be done when I work holistically, and the results can surprise all of us Herbalists!

How do you get started with a Medical Herbalist?

At this stage, neither of us will know which of my programmes would be most suitable for you. Therefore, we always start with a short consultation which costs just £10.00. That gives us the chance to get to know each other and explore your treatment options without any further obligation to work with me.

Let’s get started. Call now to make your appointment or to discuss any questions you may have.

Free "Hello" Call


What People Are Saying

I would recommend this course to anyone who is suffering and has no idea who to turn to for help.

Kate from Shrewsbury

I would recommend Hannah to others and would certainly like to see her again. I felt confident with her advice and  think she would be beneficial to the organisation in encouraging staff to adopt healthy lifestyles.


Public Sector Employee

My condition still eludes diagnosis but I would now describe it as 70% improved. Hannah determinedly maintained hope on my behalf in the early stages when I was myself at times doubtful.

Mark from Telford

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Ready to Make a Change?

If you want help with your health issues, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started. Call now to make your appointment or to discuss any questions you may have.

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