“I would recommend this course to anyone who is suffering and has no idea who to turn to for help”
Kate from Shrewsbury
“I would recommend Hannah to others and would certainly like to see her again. I felt confident with her advice and ¬†think she would be beneficial to the organisation in encouraging staff to adopt healthy lifestyles”
Marie:Public Sector Employee
“My condition still eludes diagnosis but I would now describe it as 70% improved. Hannah determinedly maintained hope on my behalf in the early stages when I was myself at times doubtful”
Mark from Telford


Are you happy with your health?

If you’re not, we sympathise. Here at Physic we understand what a devastating impact illness can have on both individuals and companies. But there are always reasons why we become unwell, and with the right resources, illness can become a powerful catalyst for transformation. Personal experience of that is what lead Hannah Charman to start Physic Health Consulting.

Hannah learnt in her early teens what it’s like to be very unwell and beyond the help of mainstream medicine. It was a difficult time and she almost gave up completely, but thankfully her parents were willing to try something new. Each of the practitioners they took her to worked their own miracles until she made a full recovery.

So now, following many years of training and experience, Physic Health Consulting is here to help you in the same way.

Whether you’re a person wanting help with your health issues, or a company keen to improve your absence management, you’re in the right place. Let’s get started.

Which are you?

  • A person struggling with your own health issues?
  • Determined to help yourself but aren’t sure how?
  • Not having much luck with your other treatments?
  • Motivated to work with a Health Coach and get back on track?

Personal Healthcare

  • A company keen to optimise your health & performance?
  • Willing to try a fresh new approach to absence management?
  • Dedicated to improving staff retention?
  • Motivated to enhancing the workplace?

Corporate Healthcare

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