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What’s Employee Absence Costing You?

£29 billion and 131 million working days were lost by UK businesses last year due to staff sickness. With purse strings tightening in both the public and private sectors at the moment, maybe it’s time for a fresh approach to absence management.

It’s All About You.

We’ve worked with a wide variety of organisations, including sole traders and public sector. Each has a unique set of issues and deserves a unique solution,  and that’s why we begin with a free strategy session.  Some of our innovative solutions are not currently in mainstream use, so whilst we’re convinced that they work, we’re happy to offer free tasters or partnership rates when we can. You can create your own package from any of the following:

  1. Day long Vitality workshops where each delegate learns practical ways to improve their health and completes their own action plan to follow at home until our next visit.
  2. Family Health workshops which teach employees how to help their family stay well, and treat minor illnesses at home. That means less time off for dependents and better employee retention for you.
  3. Meditation and mindfulness courses, proven to improve mental health and performance.
  4. The chance for employees to join one of our Vitality Plans. For a monthly subscription we offer monthly consultations, webinars, membership of our VIP Facebook group, an annual detox and a supplements service. The aim is to help your workforce take better control over their own wellbeing whilst enabling us to detect and treat any potential problems early on. Employees usually self fund these although they can be subsidised by you, and you can find out more on our ‘Just a Little Niggle’ page in the ‘Personal Healthcare’ section.
  5. Individual consultations and fast track recovery programmes. Again, these should be at least partially funded by the employee and perfect where long term sickness has been a problem. We work intensively with each person over 6-12 weeks in order to quickly address the root causes of their health issues. Find out more on our Personal Healthcare pages.
  6. Aromatherapy in offices. Essential oils not only give a pleasant aroma in the workplace, they’re proven to kill bacteria, improve immunity, lift mood and relieve stress. We’re happy to offer trials, rental and purchase of our diffusers, and advise on which essential oil blends will best suit your requirements.
  7. The best organic supplements, skincare, aromatherapy and herbal products for your staff and their families at discounted prices. Potent products get better results.
  8. Support from our experts including ergonomists, aromatherapists, nutritional therapists, osteopaths and psychotherapists to suit your needs.

Why Choose Us?

  • We’ll make sure you get best value for money by designing your programme with you, engaging with your workforce and maximising use of your existing resources.
  • We aim to find the best possible solution for all parties when working on absence management. Our objective approach can help save the time and trauma of going through disciplinary processes.
  • We have over 20 years experience in holistic healthcare and a global network of experts. That means we can quickly get to the root of the problem and deliver a solution.
  • Our flexible approach offers intensive coaching programmes for both individuals and groups, so you can target problem areas in order of priority.
  • We offer partnership rates or free trials wherever we can, giving you extra confidence in your chosen programme.

Partnership Rates

We’ve got some great ideas which we know would add value to your business but may never have been tried before. So if you’re willing to try something new with us, we can offer you a reduced rate in return for data collection, feedback and testimonials. As well as reaping the rewards of what we have to offer at a reduced rate, it raises your profile as a forward thinking company who takes exceptional care of their workforce.

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